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Welcome to our website. Inside you will find many interesting information about Wayuu Mochilas. The Wayuu Mochilas are hand-crocheted bags by the Wayuu women in northern Colombia.

The work period for a Mochila is approximately 20 working days. Each Mochila (Bag) is unique and gives the expression of the artist.

Of a Mochila there will never be a second one, therefore remains Every Mochila is unique. The bags are very conspicuous by their bright colors and easy to recognize.

According to legend, the Wayuu crocheted tradition (Wale´kerü) comes from a spider, from this spider, the womens are taught how to crochet creative drawings. The bags are with different signs, many signs coming from the wayuu culture and each bag signifies something special to his creator. For example, “rays of the sun”, “wind”, “path of love”, “coming of age”, birthday etc.

Native American tribal organizations manage everything that can be observed and understood, as from the environment. Every principle, natural law or cosmic law that has an impact on human life - even the mysteries of birth, death and fate - are fathom best by watching the acting forces of nature  to understand. The human mind desperately needs something "tangible" to capture something as abstract as a force, power, energy, essence or unbelievable spiritual quality, a kind of "form" in which can be summed up this 'incomprehensible', investigate it and to relate more easily to you.

The Indians enter this impalpable a form by making comparisons with nature and the world of animals, plants and minerals.

With the wild animals as they share their environment, so they are familiar with the habits and characteristics of each species, to know their different natures and know that each species has its individuality, and charisma

Compare the invisible forces of nature for people and their properties with similar characteristics or qualities that they observe in certain animals, reptiles, birds or fish. They "personalize" these intangible forces to relate verbally and emotionally ready reference. These personifications are called "totems".

It never characteristics of people are compared. The South American Jaqi say people can not be compared because they are unique.










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